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Downtown Mural Reflects Community

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

by Rachael Rosfeld | The Post And Mail, Tuesday, September 8, 2020

A large mural project in the alley between Ball Furniture and the government center i s nearing completion. The mural reflects different aspects of Columbia City.

COLUMBIA CITY-A community project reflecting the community. This is part of the idea behind a large mural project expected to be completed this month in downtown Columbia City.

A frequent path for those in downtown is the alley between Ball Furniture and the Whitley County Government Center. |This is also a frequent location for community events, the perfect spot to reflect the community it sits in.

"This mural is to truly embody this community, past and present, who we are becoming and striving to be," said Michael Lude, one of the artists of the project.

He said that between him, his wife Jennifer and Allison Stangland it has taken more than 400 hours of work to bring this mural to fruition.

The mural has the faces of many historical figures in Columbia City, many of the businesses that have shaped this area and pictures of city events and people that help make Columbia City a thriving community.

Lude said thought was taken into each image, as well as the colors used in the foreground and background.

"The background are mainly three colors to depict the history and the present. The foreground is life size people of different ethnicity, shapes and sizes in bright vibrant colors to show acceptance and that everyone is welcome,"

He admitted that this project hasn't been immune to the effects of COVID-19. Money was raised to prime the wall white thanks to donations by organizations and community members. After the pandemic hit he and the other artists have covered the cost. That is until a recent Facebook post by Lude brought many members of the community out to support the project to its completion.

"Ever since this post we've had 26 people come forward and donate," said Lude. "We are truly blessed and grateful."

He added that once the mural is complete plaques will be added to the project to thank all those that have supported it.

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