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Michael's Experience

I’m a professional artist with skills ranging from digital art, fine art and murals. I provide high-end artwork based on client needs and create my personal body of work in my spare time. My diverse artistic training in multiple platforms gives me an advantage over most artists. Highly motivated, Positive attitude, putting our clients first, great work ethic, successful project completion rate, bringing ideas to life. Composition, balancing multiple images and ideas into a visually balanced work of art. Excel in Portraits and Landscape painting. Adaptability when working with others. 


Adrian College Studies: BFA in Fine Art & Studio Art, Art Management, & Business Management

Minors: Psychology​

University of Lincoln Nebraska Honors Curriculum GPA 3.86


2018-Present MJL Entwined Arts & Innovative Services 

Business Owner Fine Art, Muralist, Portraiture, Graphic designer, 

Professional Artist Caricatures, Professional Artist and more, I Create Custom artwork 

specific to the client’s needs, all over the world. 



2020 AITA Community Mural Fundraising (raised $13,000)

2018 Fort Wayne Animal Clinic  (Fundraised $2,000 through our artwork)

2017 MLK Martin Luther King Montessori School (Fundraised $1,000 through our artwork)

2000-2020 Portrait Artist & Muralist

Created over 10,000 custom works of art and over 20,000 sq. ft. of murals throughout my 20 years of experience. 


2018-2019 Art in the Alley Director 

Director/Artist Ran Columbia City’s Art in the Alley with founder and business partner.

Hosted Mural Walks, Art Block parties, and Community mural Projects.


2013-2015 Inc Comic and Gaming Company 

CCO-Chief Creative Officer, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Concept designer, Lead animator, in-game design, art director.

Personally oversaw the project and designed and rendered all artwork. 



VP of Art,  CBO, Vice Secretary.

Started off conceptualizing scripts into pencils and inking art. Moved up to & Animation, digital rendering and coloring. Duties included employee advisement,  productivity, and quality. Overseeing efficiency, communications, and implementing support and business growth. 


2004 the Raupher Gallery 


Manager Duties included daily business functions, managing incoming 

artists, hanging and Ft. Artist lighting, and prepping gallery exhibitions.


1999-2004 ML Starr Studios 

Freelance Artist Started off traveling to events drawing and selling artwork, teaching, and Art Consulting consulting on business, portfolio building, and current art market success Owner projections and expectations. 


Mural Experience 

2022 Floyd's Arcade & Pinball [indoor/outdoor] Roanoke, IN


2022 Post Office Mural [outdoor] 666.2 sq. ft. (Post Office) Corunna, IN 

 (Norman Rockwell inspired theme) Little girl holding mail chasing down mailman that just picked up-and-coming the mail.


2022 Camp Whitley Mural  [outdoor] 300 sq. ft. (Camp Whitley Mural Donation) Columbia City, IN


2020 Shinzo Ohki Mural [outdoor] 950.5 sq. ft. Ohki Alley Columbia City, IN


2020 Historical Community Mural [outdoor] 1,725 sq. ft. Columbia City, IN 

 Ball Furniture alley side wall) This Mural embodies the past, present, and our reach for the future. The background is historical landmarks and notable people painted in blues. The foreground is people of different races interacting in vibrant colors signifying where we are and where we want to be as a community. 


2020 Into the Woods Mural. [Indoor] 48 sq. ft. (Private) Columbia City, IN 


2019 Historical Mural [outdoor] 550 sq. ft. (Private Property) Columbia City, IN 

Old Buildings, City Blocks, Posters, Churches, Schools, and other elements from Columbia City's history are no longer around. 


2019 “Angel Wings” Selfie Mural. Columbia City, IN

[outdoor] 352 sq. ft. (Running Around Screen Printing) Elements from City hidden in black & white angel wings.


2019 Community Mural  [indoor] 6,300 sq. ft. Columbia City, IN

(Community of Hope) Painted for Sunday school kids to see and relate the things they see everyday to their church studies. 


2019 "Let There Be" Mural.  [indoor] 675 sq. ft. (Church of the Nazarene) Columbia City, IN

 The world Painted against a black background with the words "Let There Be" entirely illuminated by projecting light. 


2019 "Alice in Wonderland" Mural [outdoor] 855 sq. ft. (The Urban Station) Columbia City, IN 


2019 Centennial Mural. [indoor] 32 sq. ft. (Whitley County Chamber of Commerce) Columbia City, IN 


2016 Jim Henson Inspired Mural [indoor] 127 sq. ft. (Private Mural) Larwill, IN 


2003 Sports Mural [indoor]  (Private Mural) 350 sq. ft. Peru, IN 


2000 Civil War African American Mural. [indoor] 800 sq. ft.  Ypsilanti, MI

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