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2001 Civil War African American Mural (800 sq. ft.)

by Michael Lude

Private Mural in Ann Arbor, Michigan

(Custom Professional Artwork Services)

I was asked to created this Mural for Dr. Elizabeth Allen, a mural was to consist of African Americans during the Civil War and strong figures that made a difference in civil rights throughout our history.


 You will see figures like Louis Armstrong, Dinah Washington, Fredrick Douglass, Uncle Tom reading to little girl, African American Soldiers, John Harper, Harriet Tubman, and More!

In this mural you will find collaged images like  children being taught in segregated schools, slaves in cotton field working, those walking to church, and these scenes flow together to form many pictures of African American history. Some images are obvious and others you need to step back to notice as they are subtly hidden within, behind, and overlapping. There are scenes of slave ships, tender family moments, and other images that reflect events of African American History.

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