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Complete Professionalism & Passion in all we do!

We take on your custom requests with innovation and professional excellence. There is no concept or idea that we cannot produce, Artistic creation is limitless. Browse our gallery of artistic work created specifically for our clients. If you don't see what you are looking for here simply start a request and give us the details on the project you have been looking to bring to life.

Commissioned Pencil portrait by MJL Entwined Art's Artist Michael Lude

Our Portraits are created with love and highlight the bold and subtle features your looking to capture in a loved one. Check out our  work we've created for others  and you decide what medium and size you would like yours created.

Mustang Drawing 11x15in Illustration Paper 2018 by Arist Michael Lude

There are no restrictions on the type of portrait you can have created. Send us an image of something that  means something personal to you and we will bring it to life, just the way you want.

Capture your best friend and cuddle buddy in a picture that captures their spirit and life!

Commissioned Pet portrait by MJL Entwined Art's Artist Jennifer Lude

There is nothing more fun then getting a caricature created for the family. As you can see we work from multiple images and design it just the way you like. You choose the Medium, whether its marker, painted, or even graphically illustrated.

Family Caricaure  Acrylic Painting, image of drawing and the sample images that artist michael lude referenced
Landscape painted by MJL Entwined Art's Professional landscape artist Jennifer Lude

Purchase a landscape from our private collection or commission a landscape of something near and dear to your heart. Jennifer Lude gives life to still-life landscapes in vibrant and bold Expressions with the warmth of a soft touch.

We create graphic art to the specifications you need; Simple Design or Logo, to fully rendered illustrations, or even a custom design fit to whatever print platform and size you need. We provide all files and formats needed to bring your digital art to life from visual to printed formats.

Graphic Art  Business Logo Design by MJL Entwined Art's Graphic Artist Michael Lude for Floyd's Aracade
Columbia City Indiana, Alice in Wonderland Mural on the side of the Urban Station by MJL Etwined Art's professional Mural Artists Michael Lude and Jennifer Lude

Check out our diversity in creating custom murals specific to our clients from city to city. We create large historical murals -to simple childlike murals, to fun abstract murals. We are here to create what you like, and nothing less!

Stay tuned as we find new Creative ways to use resin with other types of art practices. Staying bold and creative is why we do what we do!

Resin Table Designed and Created by MJL Entwined Art's porfessional Artist Michael Lude

We are the perfect choice to bring your story to life!

Illustration, Layout, Editing, Cover design, and more!

Create Your very own Art as an NFT. You can have us create a tangible work of art or graphically illustrated work of art, and you may start with one or an entire Collection!

For more info start a request

Concept Drawing and Graphic NFT Art by MJL Entwined Art's artist Michael Lude
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