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Art in the Alley 92 Community Mural  (1,725 sq. ft.)

2020 Ball Furniture (Alley) 220W Van Buren St, Columbia City, Indiana 46725

by Professional Artists Michael Lude & Jennifer Lude

Guest Artist Shawn Dunwoody, painted little girl eating ice-cream and Professional Artist Allison Stangland helped prep mural background.

Mural Content

In the background in blues you will see landmarks new and old and notable people. In the foreground in vibrant colors you will see people   of different backgrounds and races interacting as a community.  Things of the past, our present, and the  what we as a community are striving to become.

What to look for: 

Whitley County Historical Museum, The Bulletin, Old Main St. building, Chief Little Turtle, Camp Whitley, Ralph F. Gates, Sassy Vegan, Morsches Skate Park, Post & Mail, the current Builder's Mart with old structure painted behind it, Columbia City High School Players, Interracial couple, Vintage Antique Marketplace, Ms. Etter, Smiles on Main Dentistry,  TNT Floral Shop. 


Blue Bell Factory, a view of Ohki Alley with Shinzo face faded in it along with at tribute to the rotary club. Family walking together, CCHS Players, Old Columbia City Joint High School, Todd MVP wrestler and now Coach, Miami Village Chiefs, Old Settler's downtown view of Columbia City on Van Buren St. facing north. There is a clear view of the government building, ball furniture, Running Around, The Nook, and more. Columbia City Old Settlers, Children eating fun fair food in the foreground in bright vibrant colors. Ghosted behind them and against the cityscape in large words Columbia City. Bright foreground image of a soldier kneeling down next to flag looking at a grave, a tribute to all those who've served.

This is the street entrance to the alley mural with: City Hall, Old Main St. in downtown Columbia City and a street dept. truck. Whitley County Chamber of Commerce, Thomas Marshall Park, Thomas Marshall's face ghosted in the background. Old restaurant menu board, Poetry on the Spot poem about the Art in the Alley. Old Reeg Pontiac Dealership, the former old Blue Bell factory (now Blue Bell Apartments), Old Downtown City Block, the Rohrbach's Company. 

Art in the Alley, update videos from Professional Artist Jennifer Lude

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