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A Little Bit of Perspective!


I’m here to encourage all of you entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers to take a deep look into the successful people whom you admire in the business and creative world, and to recognize that many companies start with nothing more than an idea. For example, in 1889 Fusajiro Yamauchi produced handcrafted playing cards (hanafuda) and from that early endeavor a company was born, one that achieved astounding success.


               Yamauchi’s playing card project soon evolved into something far larger, much in the way that the Walt Disney Company did with the founder’s vision. Yamauchi, like Disney, through dedication and time birthed a phenomenal team that shared his vision. A Vision that continues long after his passing. In the 60s Yamauchi’s company even ventured into side businesses such as hotel chains, TV stations, and Taxi companies! By the 70s the company merged back into gaming products and entertainment. Today this company holds an estimated net worth of $110 Billion with a capitalization market of over $72 billion.


This is a reminder for those of you who sometimes feel overwhelmed or discouraged about your work, ideas, or business: creativity combined with hard work and patience will pay off in the end! This payoff may very well live on long enough for your grandchildren’s children to witness. Your ideas and vision become your legacy. Dream Big, believe in your vision, and do the work. I personally take my inspiration from every and any positive source possible; one of which is Yamauchi’s company. A company’s name, when loosely translated into English means “Leave Luck to Heaven” however we all know it best as Nintendo.


Michael Lude


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