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Professional Pencil Portrait by Michael Lude

Your Choice in Art is Our Specialty!

Custom, handmade, professional artwork made-to-order: 

Portraits, Caricatures, Landscapes,

Graphic Art, Pet Portraits, & More.

MJL Entwined Art creates custom professional artwork Services just the way you've always wanted but could not find. We specialize in Portraits, Landscapes, Caricatures, Digital Artwork, and More!

As your personal professional Artists we create customized artwork at the highest quality specific to your needs. Experience our excellence with a customized Portrait. We are your artists and creating phenomenal artwork while building a relationship you can always count on is what you should expect here at MJL Entwined Arts. 

Starts a personal request for your own customized art  and Browse our site for examples of our quality and service!

We record the process and send you
the video along with the artwork


Pencil Portrait

Pastel Chalk Portrait by MJL Entwined Art's Portrait Artist Michael Lude

Creating Your Art


  • Start a request, or Message us on chat or call us 260-213-3762

  • We contact you directly and discuss your vision and answer any questions. 

  • After payment we get to work!

  • You provide us with any additional images

  • We provide visual updates until completion.

  • After your approval of the finished work, we package,  insure (in case damaged or lost), and priority mail it.

Art & Artist Quality

We always deliver exactly what you pay for, exceptional work that is consistent with everything you want in an artist and a professional business.

Family Holding the Portrait Drawn by Michael Lude, it was a gift.

Our Custom Portraits

Our portraits and artistic services will speak from your heart and into the hearts of your loved ones, so contact us to honor and tribute your special someone with this perfect gift. 

The Father's Daughter
Illustrated by
Michael & Jennifer Lude

Jude ran to hide, clunking the bucket against her knee as she raced to the crevice between the two giant rocks, scraping her arms and shoulders against them as she squeezed into the tight space. Her back burned and felt hot. She must have hit it hard when she flung herself into her hiding spot. Out of breath she tried to calm herself but her racing mind wouldn't allow it, and her fearful heart wasn't helping. Bringing the small bucket up to her knees, she pulled them in tight against her chest, straining to listen as she did.

MJL Entwined Art Owners and professional artists Michael Lude and Jennifer Lude


Our names are Michael & Jennifer Lude (Loo-Dee)

Hello everyone, welcome to our site. There is nothing more important to us then bringing your ideas and memories to life through artwork. This is our full-time job and we wouldn't have it any other way. Between My wife (Jennifer Lude) and I we have over 45 years of professional experience in a multitudes of artistic disciplines and we equally uphold customer service with quality of service. We are the people you can trust in creating something truly personal and special to you above and beyond any other services. We are hear for you and we take that with pride and respect! So take a look at our work and start a request, when you are ready to treat yourself or a loved one to heartfelt gift of a customize work of art!

We also love using our art and services to help others through donating our talents to raise money and awareness for others, so please contact us if you would like to add a touch of art to your cause to help bring in more support. We are here for you! Respectfully, Michael & Jenifer Lude

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