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Illustrations from Books, Comics, and Video Games!

by Michael Lude & Jennifer Lude

A Father's Daughter
(A Girl Named Jude)
by Scripture Read


Jude ran to hide, clunking the bucket against her knee as she raced to the crevice between the two giant rocks, scraping her arms and shoulders against them as she squeezed into the tight space. Her back burned and felt hot. She must have hit it hard when she flung herself into her hiding spot. Out of breath she tried to calm herself but her racing mind wouldn't allow it, and her fearful heart wasn't helping. Bringing the small bucket up to her knees, she pulled them in tight against her chest, straining to listen as she did.

 Illustrations by Michael & Jennifer Lude

Digital, Paperback, and Hardcover available at WestBowPress.

Comic Cover Illustrations: Hatman & Indigo Issues

Wii-U In-Game Illustrations & Storyboarding: Of Mages and Pages

Comic Pages Inked-Illustrations: Hatman & Indigo Issues